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Lifesaving Classes
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Lifesaving classes

Survive and Save Club runs the RLSS National Lifesaving Awards programme launched in 2011, which is called “Survive & Save”. The RLSS wanting to rebrand the senior lifesaving awards programme had to approach our club for permission to use our Club name for the programme.

The Survive and Save Programme has three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level has 4 different strands/certificate that swimmers can participate in - Medallion, Beach, Stillwater or Sport. This gives our swimmers up to 12 award to complete. If a swimmer gains 3 gold awards with 24 month they will be awarded the RLSS Distinction.

As well as gaining awards swimmers more importantly will learn vitally important personal survival, self rescue and water safety skills for the many different types of water environments in the UK, as well as rescue skills and gain fitness through sport.

Swimmers can complete just one or all four of the specialist areas before you move on to the next medal. Swimmers also have the ultimate challenge and gain the Distinction Award. For this swimmers need to successfully complete 3 gold level awards.

So are you up for the challenge?

Survive and Save Club currently offer courses in the following:

The Medallion awards combine the beach and open water skills and train them in the pool. The pool environment is the most convenient and safest place for swimmers to refine the lifesaving skills that are taught. Many of skills learnt here can be taken in to open water to gain Stillwater and beach awards.

The Sport awards give swimmers the opportunity to challenge their lifesaving skills against the clock. When completing these awards swimmers will also learn about fin swimming, manikin carries and tows and diving under obstacles. This award also opens up the opportunity to compete in lifesaving competitions.

Life Support & Life Support 3 awards
As part of the Survive & Save programme swimmers will learn vitally important Life Support, Resuscitation and First Aid Skills. There are 2 awards which swimmers can take, the basic life support award or the advance level Life Support 3 requiring excellence in all areas of life support and resuscitation.

All of our lifesaving classes operate in accordance with the RLSS Code of Practice. All teachers hold a minimum of the RLSS Lifesaving Instructor qualification.

Lifesaving classes will contain up to 12 swimmers. They are open to swimmers who have completed a basic swim test and are over 12 years old.

To see how our lifesaving classes fit together along with our teacher and trainer education programme and the other options available to swimmers at this level download the Swimmer Journey chart here.

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