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Learn to Swim stages 1-7
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Learn to swim classes 1-7

Our ‘award winning’ learn to swim programme has achieved the Swim England SwimMark accreditation and the ‘Swim England Swim School of the year gold award’.

Survive and Save Club runs our Learn to Swim classes using the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework which is recognised across the country and provides a standardised approach to our programme.

It provides those learning to swim with a rounded programme to develop the 4 main swimming strokes along with all the key core aquatics skills that support swimming like rotation, submersion, aquatic breathing and water safety.

All of our learn to swim classes follow the industry guidance on Safe Supervision for Teaching and Coaching Swimming. All teachers hold a minimum of a Swim England Level 2 Teaching Swimming qualification (or suitable equivalent).

This means that all our teachers are fully qualified to plan, deliver and evaluate the lessons they teach on our Friday evening sessions.

The classes we operate are small helping to ensure that swimmers receive the individual attention that they need.

Class will have no more than 8 swimmers in the early states. In the main pool at stages 6 and 7 class sizes may go up to 10 pupils.

Once swimmers complete stage 7 they will move on to the Swim England Advanced Aquatics programme cover stages 8-10. In this area we will offer swimmer to opportunity to develop skills and stroke for competitive swimming, Rookie Lifeguard using the RLSS programme, water polo, diving and much more.

This is a brief overview of stages 1-7 for the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework

Non Swimmer (Stages 1 & 2) – This category introduces the participant to the swimming environment, developing their confidence and being at ease in the water. Learning is through play, fun and games. Swimmers then develop skills including floating and travelling up to a distance of 5 metres.

Beginner Swimmer (Stages 3 & 4) – We continue to use fun activities to develop the swimmers’ skills and travelling skills up to 10 metres developing a strong leg action on all 4 strokes.

Improver Swimmer (Stages 5 & 6) – Swimmers learn to develop their ‘watermanship’ skills including sculling, treading water whilst continue developing 10 metres on each stroke. Stages 5 and 6 will work to develop a strong secure leg and arm action and introducing accurate breathing techniques on all 4 strokes

Improver Swimmer (Stage 7) – These sessions take place in the main pool and normally last 45 minutes. The aim here is essentially to consolidate the aquatic skills and swim competently using appropriate technique to swim 100 metres on 1 stroke with a good technique over 25 metres on all 4 strokes.

Successful swimmers will be able to purchase the appropriate badge / certificates related to each stage. We also recognise that it may not be possible for all swimmers to achieve a complete stage each term so we will award every swimmer a certificate each term to support the skills and techniques that they have achieved

One-to-One Classes

In addition to Survive and Save Club’s group lessons there are opportunities for one-to-one swimming lessons to develop on a personal level to improve technique, fitness or skills. These classes are available for children and adults, subject to availability of teachers and suitable space.

If you are interested in one-to-one lessons please make an enquiry direct to the club.


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